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BAN59547: Gundam Kyrios

Alternate Item Number 2509135 (5059547) "Gundam Kyrios" from "Mobile Suit Gundam OO" is made into MG based on the latest drawing by Mr. Takayuki Yanase! In accordance with the original setting, a frame that is partially common with MG 1/100 Gundam Dynamesis used. Reproduce the transformation to the MA form by the frame structure! Lock the shoulder armor and the nose of the backpack when the MA form is used to enhance the form retention and enable a stable display. The hand parts part reproduces the same deformation mechanism as the animation. It is possible to bend the hand parts inward while holding the wireless grip when in MA form. The GN beam submachine gun connected to the arm joint can be replaced. The wireless grip can be attached to two weapons as set. GN shield can be deployed. Furthermore, various poses are possible by rotating the connection part. The GN hand missile unit can also be equipped on the arm.