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Alternate Item Number 2605099 (5063351) After structural verification by KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN, Reiki's refurbished aircraft "Reiki Kai" is the fastest three-dimensional model in the HG series. "Reiki Kai" on which Shizube Zion will board in the second part of "Amaim Warrior". By transplanting the autonomous thinking AI Nayuta, it has evolved into an aircraft that greatly exceeds the flight capability of the original aircraft, Reiki. The wing equipped on the rear skirt is foldable and can be expanded and stored. The thrusters of each part are also rotatable, forming a large silhouette that exceeds the total height of the aircraft when deployed. Super heat vibration type Naginata Kai is equipped with a slide gimmick. It has been improved to a structure that is easy to carry. A missile container is attached to the back. It is possible to attack in all directions.