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BAN63927: Mailes Byakuchi (F.G.E.Color) HG 1:72

Alternate Item Number 2621755 (5063927) From Gaiden "Kyoukai Senki Frost Flower" serialized in Monthly Hobby Japan, the Meires Byakuchi that appeared in episode 2 when it was owned by the Federation of Great Eurasia (FGE) has been commercialized. Reproduce the aircraft color with a strong military color based on brown with molding color. Weapons are reproduced with new molding. Reproduce the FGE color "Meiresbyakuchi" Reproduce the aircraft color when owned by the Federation of Great Eurasia (FGE) with brown and green molding colors. A machete, a multi-launcher, and a grenade launcher are included with new modeling. With a wide range of motion, various action poses such as battle and kneeling are possible. The normal armed state that appeared in the second episode can be reproduced by rearranging the armament.