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OWISLK020: Air Power Racer v2

This 15-piece kit will provide hours of fun as its loud engineroooaaarzzzzup and down race Track designed by children ages six and up. Like the original, theAir Power Racer V2also runs on compressed air, but one fundamental change made in the lab was the removal of the onboard air pumping device. With this bulky equipment removed from the body, our scientists were able to reduce the weight of the vehicle more than 66%! One may ponder, "why make the vehicle lighter?" For speed, of course! With the lighter frame and aerodynamics inspired by rocket cars, theAir Power Racer V2can achieve speeds up to 42% faster than the original all while using the same free fuel... Air.


Dimensions: 14.25" x 3.25" x 7"

No.of Pieces: 15

Batteries Required:N/A