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CSN22010: Telescope, Microscope & Binocular Science Kit


The ultimate must-have for all levels of exploration!

This Celestron Telescope, Microscope and Binocular Science Kit is a all rounder optical science kit combing a 50mm refractor telescope with complete microscope kit and 4x binoculars. You can star gaze with the large 50mm telescope, it includes a fill height adjustable tripod, a finderscope for easily lining up your sight and two powerful eyepieces. View the craters of the moon, explore your favorite constellations and even witness the rings of Saturn - there is so much to explore!The illuminated microscipe magnifies up to 900x with additional powers of 150x and 450x and it includes blank and prepared slides, cover slips, blank labels, spatula, dissecting probe, eye dropper, tweezers, spare light bulbs and specimen vials. Perfect for budding scientists!The powerful binoculars allow you to explore the amazing landscapes, animals, and astonishing occurrences that are happening all around you. Featuring 4x magnification and a 30mm coated glass eye lenses, 150x/450x/900x magnification, requires 2 AA batteries - not included.Microscope accessories include 3 blank microscope slides, 3 cover slips, 3 blank labels, spatula, dissecting probe, plastic scalpel, eyedropper, tweezers, 3 specimen vials, spare light bulb. Telescope accessories include adjustable tripod, 2 eyepieces (5mm, 10mm), finderscope, diagonal. All 3 devices built strong with professional craftsmanship for exceptional viewing experience This complete optical science kit combines a 50mm refractor telescope with a complete microscope kit and 4x binoculars. Suitable for ages 10 years and above.