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PFD56: Sky Surfer Airplane Launcher STEM Activity Kit

ThePathfindersSky Surfer launches planes in a repeatable way, making it ideal for optimizing yourairplanedesigns.

An easy-to-make-and-use kit with foam pads, extra elastics and a world of great individual and family-fun testing the myriad of airplane designs. Figure out the best way to make planes for long flights, returning flights and those fancy trick flights like loop-de-loops.

Launch all kinds of planes--straw, styrofoam, cardboard and balsa wood, or a combination of them all! Sure, you can throw a paper airplane farther, but with Sky Surfer you can have perfectly repeatable launches to test your changes in design. Adjust the launch power by adding elastics.

Recommended for ages 9+ with adult supervison, and 14+ without.