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EST2056: U.S. Army Patriot M-104 Rocket Kit Skill Level 1

The U.S. Army Patriot M-104, is the best kit to build for your first scale model rocket.
This Desert Storm Veteran features a top notch, two piece body tube, and genuine-looking self-stick decals. It's easy to build and can be finished in a morning or afternoon.
This classic scale model can fly 600 feet high on standard Estes engines and recovers with a 12 inch preassembled parachute. Don't have this one? Get it! It's a scale ARMY classic that every rocketeer should have in his rocket arsenal.Features:
  • Skill Level 1
  • Laser Cut wood Fins, Self-stick Decals, Parachute Recovery
  • Recommended Engines: B4-4 (First Launch), B6-4, C6-5
  • Length: 21.3 in. (54.1 cm)
  • Diameter: 1.64 in. (42 mm)
  • Estimated Weight: 2 oz. (56.7 g)
  • Projected Max Altitude: 600 ft. (183 m)
What you need to build:
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Fine Sandpaper
  • Carpenters Glue
  • Hobby Knife
  • Masking Tape
  • Primer (White)
  • Paint (Gloss Red)
  • Clear Coat (Optional)
  • Tools, construction and finishing supplies not included
What you need to launch (sold separately): 
  • Estes Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and Electron Beam Launch Controller
  • Estes Model Rocket Engines
  • Starters
  • Recovery Wadding
Estes model rocketry is recommended for boys and girls ages 10+ with adult supervision for those under 12, and rocketeers of all ages.